Teaching to the Assignment

This week was a whirlwind of instruction. In between showing up at the library at 7:30 AM on Monday to leaving at 5 PM on Friday, I stood in front of 8 classrooms leading discussions, activities, and lecturing on finding, evaluating, and synthesizing information. The amount of instruction I led this week is about a… Continue reading Teaching to the Assignment


Interesting things on the internet

This week has been crazy. Too crazy to devote time to thinking about an intentional blog post. So I'm taking a shortcut, and sharing some things that gave me pause this week, both inspired by the amount of time I spent on the reference desk. Patrons are People: a pamphlet developed by Minnesota librarians in… Continue reading Interesting things on the internet


The Problem with Resilience

Recently, my Twitter feed blew up with reaction against ACRL President’s Program Planning Committee Call for Participation. The call for participation asks for stories about librarians' resilience, and their experiences in the workplace. I was confused. What was wrong with resilience? People who characterized as resilient are lauded as successful in business, emotionally healthy, and… Continue reading The Problem with Resilience